Take full advantage of the potential of mobile technologies

Mobile devices are easy to integrate and make software development universal. They are a low-cost and handy solution. These qualities made them the basic tool in a number of areas and professions. Pocket-sized portable computers improved the effectiveness of deliverers, construction engineers, warehouse employees and participants of the supply chain. Numbers show it best: according to MarketWatch, the value of the mobile devices market is about to reach 73.3 billion dollars by 2021. Cutting repetitive processes down by just several minutes could lead to a surge in productivity. According to the IDC, mobile device related costs in companies will exceed 1.7 trillion dollars by 2021.

core3 offers a broad range of services backed by its year-long experience. Collaboration is based on clarifying all possible solutions and selecting the one that offers best flexibility and makes quick result assessment possible.

We take most satisfaction in comprehensive projects. We begin with running requirements analysis. That is why the mobile apps we make answer your needs to the fullest. It is also important that the delivered product is in line with security policies of the Client's organisation. We have confidence in the best quality of our solutions. We see to the QA process and maintenance of our software. Tested implementation management methods both in the Client's internal market and online (Google Play and App Store) ensure expected application life cycle dynamics.          

We spent countless hours implementing innovative solutions that have been and still remain the apple of our eye. We are proud to say that we are experts in the fields of augmented reality and virtual reality. We have successfully implemented hybrid projects (based on HTML5) and projects based of technologies such as Vuforia, ARKit, ARCore and the Unity engine.      
core3 is a partner experienced in implementing solutions for the iOS and Android platforms in large companies running operation businesses in many fields and countries.

Through services

Strategy building

Strategy building

We help our Clients decide on the role of mobile devices in their organisations and support them in the process of selecting the path leading to the goal.

Requirements analysis

Requirements analysis

Through a series of workshops and deep understanding of the specifics of our customer's work we accurately define the features of the designed solutions.

Interface design

Interface design

An early-on, iterative process of assuming conditions makes it possible to deliver a highly useful interface fitted to the needs of users.

App development

App development

We run consultations on all stages of the project in order to make sure that we are following the right path. We aim at reaching the planned features and keeping complete integration with the Client's existing systems.

Post-implementation administration

Post-implementation administration

This is a standard procedure for apps available online but applications distributed in a company's internal network also require administration. Within the scope of this service we perform typical maintenance works as well as constant analysis of user behaviour based on professional indicators.


The News and the Media

Nothing makes us more accustomed to content consumption than the availability of content, regardless of time or location. That is the reason why users always reach for apps that offer up-to-date content. At the same time, information about user behaviour and interests has high monetization potential.


In this industry mobile devices have been proving their usefulness for years: from picking up parcels, through warehouse processes to delivery. Most available solutions are archaic systems provided by a narrow group of experts, operating on devices that could use some of the contemporary features. Migrating to open, generally used mobile solutions gives way to a leap forward and to grounding crucial processes in the latest and most tested systems and technologies.


More than a third of online shopping is performed via smartphones. Let your customers buy wherever they feel like it. In order to let them do it, you need to implement an attractive and intuitive interface that offers the full scope of necessary features packed in a light form.

Corporate Mobility Framework


We already have a habit of reaching for our mobile devices to get the latest information. They are close at hand, they are connected to the Internet and they have become a natural interface for getting urgent and important data. 

Internal data is the basic resource in the daily work of high ranking managers, sales departments, but also many operations level employees working in the field, with the customer. Fresh information is a basic requirement of operations and responsible access management has become a necessity.

The solution offered by core3 is a model prepared to present data in an attractive and intuitive form and to make accessing data simple. This gives way to standardising the methods of accessing corporate systems without compromising agility.

Key functionalities

  • Integration with any pre-existing systems. Some data is already available in accessible interfaces. The rest can be easily brought into the mix thanks to tested connectors.
  • A flexible model allowing for connecting any data available at the organisation into projects and thus building corporate information architecture layer by layer.
  • A large-platform solution utilising the best patterns and practices enhancing security on iOS and Android devices. Using the core3 framework makes it possible to integrate effectively with outside components.
  • Authorisation, authentication and connection establishment available "on the spot" and confirmed by solutions working on a daily basis.
  • Using scalable technologies that ensure agility and easy adaptation to new business landscapes.
  • Module implementation that supports the process of parallel development by many suppliers.


  • Focus on the business by ensuring a technological framework. System development can be focused on business features.
  • Shortening implementation time by avoiding time-consuming integration processes and using ready components.
  • Ease of launching new projects based on an intuitive creator interface.
  • Lowered project risk thanks to using standardised key components and best practices.
  • Safety of the solution based on tested standards used around the world.


  • Native
  • Hybrid
  • Continuous Integration
  • Test automation & code quality
  • Advanced platforms and data analytics
  • New technologies

Case Study


application for seasonal couriers

Responding to the expectations of end-customers and taking into account current market trends, our Client decided to implement a new solution during the high season (Christmas). There was an additional goal involved: modernising the looks and adding new technologies and features to devices used by couriers (a palmtop solution for smartphones). Thanks to the new app, our Client managed to fully automate documentation processes - until that moment all documentation was on paper. Moreover, the administrative process of employing seasonal workforce is now integrated with the system that supervises their work, thus enabling accurate supervision of performance in real time. Implementing the application lowers infrastructure expenses as it introduced the BYOD model (bring your own device). Instead of costly courier devices, couriers can use their private smartphones. The project was developed with great focus on personal data protection and the security of other types of sensitive data at the organisation. core3 consultants took part in all stages of the project, starting from development, to analysis support, to High-Level Design and maintenance.

Consular services

communication platform

A pilot mobile program for consular services that introduces a new level of quality in communication between citizens and non-citizens in the field of all consular needs and issues. The goal was to provide users with the most recent data in an intuitive interface, while keeping a 100% flexible application structure managed by a tailor-made CMS.

Telco Operator

mobility platform

The goal of the project was giving access to the company's network on mobile devices. The first stage of the initiative was creating a mobile reporting system in order to demonstrate the possibilities of access and present Business Intelligence reports on mobile devices with great UX. core3 consultants were responsible for a high-level concept and the implementation of the mobility platform, including an API mobility server for outside systems such as SAP BI and integration with the Active Directory of Client's used for authentication in line Client's safety policy. The scope also included creating a set of libraries for Android and iOS in order to support authentication and safe connections.

Media Group

UX and UI design

The Client expected UX optimisation and a new user interface design in order to improve the effectiveness of the online app and to ensure better visibility and reporting features. The core3 team was responsible for the full design, including RWD HTML using JS and Angular JS scripts for 3 online applications aimed at selling video content (raw footage), managing and optimising online advertising campaign sales as well as booking online advertising campaigns.


augmented reality (AR) application

The Client sought to go beyond the usual content placed in the traditional press (magazines) and to offer its clients additional information on a mobile platform. At the same time they wanted to develop a visually attractive and innovative form of presenting that content - based on augmented reality.



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