How to start working in Core3?

  • Stage 1

    Help us find you.

    Our job openings can be found in job ads and here. You want to work with us but you can't find an opening corresponding with your skills? Send us your CV at or use our contact form. Remember to include the personal data protection clause.

  • Stage 2

    Thoughtful selection

    We will analyse your CV and consider whether it fits any current projects where your knowledge would become an asset and your skills can be developed.

  • Stage 3

    Preliminary phone conversation

    We respect your time - that is why we will share the details of the project on the phone. During this conversation we will discuss the potential for collaboration. If we find common ground, we will invite you to a meeting.

  • Stage 4

    Meeting at the office

    An HR representative or a potential superior officer will talk to you about the characteristics of the job and expectations. Depending on the type of the job opening, you could be asked to take a test checking your technical skills.

  • Stage 5


    We will give you a call to share the results of the recruitment process as well as our final decision. If you turn out to be the perfect match, we will present you with an offer.

  • Stage 6

    Welcome to core3!

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